What We Do

We offer high-quality, full-service assistance to individuals and families throughout the State of Montana. We employ a personalized and pragmatic approach to legal issues, knowing that the sooner our clients reach resolution, the sooner they can move on with their lives. We strive to resolve each issue as favorably, discretely and affordably as possible.

Who We Are

Katharine E. Hamilton

Katharine E. Hamilton, Esq.


Katharine is a graduate of Montana State University-Bozeman and the University of Montana School of Law.  She is considered one of the “Top 10 Family Law Attorneys Under the Age of 40” in Montana by the National Academy Family Law Attorneys.

Katharine’s passion is Assisted Reproductive Technology (“ART”) law, also known as fertility law, wherein she assists individuals and couples to build their families via third-party reproduction.  She has represented numerous intended parents, surrogates and donors with egg, sperm and embryo donations as well as surrogacy arrangements.

Katharine also represents individuals in divorce (litigated and collaborative), child custody disputes, adoption, and mediation.

Professional Affiliations:

  • Montana Bar Association, Family Law Section,
  • American Bar Association, Section of Family Law
  • American Society for Reproductive Medicine, Legal Professional Group

What Our Clients Have Said

“Katharine was a tremendous resource and advocate through my divorce process. She was fantastic and always timely on the legal side, but was also cognizant of the emotional toll family law can take and made sure I was supported not only in court, but personally.”
“My husband and I used Katharine to help us navigate a transitional time. She was sensitive to our situation, quick to respond and listened to what we needed.”
“Everything was resolved in a timely manner. I appreciated how responsive the firm was to my emails and phone calls during the whole process.”
“Working with Katharine restored my trust in attorneys.”
“I really enjoyed working with Katharine, her positive and supportive approach, and her efforts to keep costs down.”