Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of each case depends on the complexity of issues involved and the degree that each issue is disputed.  The overall cost for legal services depends on the time spent working on each case. Clients are also responsible for paying for expenses such as court filing fees and postage.
If you think you might need an attorney or have legal questions, it is strongly recommended that you contact an attorney for a thorough evaluation of your situation and legal advice that is specific to you.
To ensure payment, a retainer is required to be paid upfront before any work is started.  The amount of a retainer varies depending on the case and type of legal issues involved.
Yes, but we need to have your written consent before we can accept payment from another person.
We are very selective about the cases that we take.  We believe that the quality of our work is more important than the quantity of cases that we accept. We take great pride in providing thoughtful and competent legal representation. It is our objective to resolve each issue as favorably, efficiently, affordably and discretely as possible.
We are also sensitive to our client’s costs. When we can, we ask our clients to complete certain tasks throughout their representation to save costs.
We can provide legal services anywhere within the State of Montana. We also represent out-of-state clients when their case is pending in Montana and they need in-state counsel. We do not practice in any other state.
Call our office to inquire about scheduling an appointment. We will first talk to you over the phone to obtain more information about your situation. We may not be able to represent you if we have a conflict of interest or if our schedule does not permit taking on a matter that is urgent.
We charge $150.00 for a one-hour initial consultation. This ensures that our prospective clients are as serious about their representation as we about helping them. We do require payment prior to service. If you wish to make a payment via PayPal, we require an additional 4.00% to cover fees.
When you get to our office, you will be asked to fill out our Prospective Client Intake Form. For family law cases, it is helpful if you bring a list of your assets, debts and monthly expenses, as well as information about any existing parenting arrangements or concerns.
During your consult, we will ask you about the specifics of your case and your objectives. You are welcome to bring in general questions. Please be aware that we are not able to provide specific legal advice until we have entered into a formal attorney-client relationship by written agreement.
With a few exceptions, the information discussed at the initial consultation is confidential. To protect confidentiality, we cannot allow friends, family members, children or other individuals to sit in during the initial consultation or any other meeting.
During your Initial Consult, we will ask you about the facts of your case and your objectives. You are welcome to bring in your questions, but please know that we will not be able to give specific legal advice or provide you with a step-by-step approach to complete your case on your own. Initial consults are an opportunity for you to get to know us and vice versa. This appointment is not to coach those who seek an hour of legal advice simply to represent themselves.
At this time, we accept cash, check and PayPal transfers. If you make a payment via PayPal, we require an additional 4.00% to cover fees.
Be organized, meet deadlines, show up to appointments on time and be actively engaged in your case. This means keeping us informed of new developments, thinking of creative solutions, keeping an open mind and practicing self-care. Also, please do not forward, repeat or provide any of our private communications with other individuals, as sharing that information may jeopardize confidentiality and the attorney-client privilege.
We want our clients to be informed every step of the way, so it is our practice to communicate with our clients as their case progresses. We make it a practice to forward pertinent emails and send copies of each document to our clients for their records.
It depends. There are pleadings that must be filed, disclosures that need to be exchanged and agreements that need to be drafted and signed. In addition, the court must approve of any final agreements and issue a final order. That process takes time. Uncontested divorces may take a couple months while highly contested cases may take several months or years. Some issues even arise post-dissolution. A lot depends on the opposing party and the issues in your case.
To ensure the highest quality of legal services, we only offer full-service representation at this time.
All attorneys are encouraged to devote time and resources to assisting those who cannot afford legal counsel. To this end, Katharine regularly assists at the Gallatin Legal Assistance Clinic (GLAC). Because of this service, we are unable to accept pro-bono or reduced-fee cases.
We are by appointment only. To preserve confidentially and to ensure that we are available to assist you, you must first contact our office and make an appointment. This applies to both prospective and current clients.
Talking to our office over the phone, sending us an email, or coming in for an initial consult does not by itself create an attorney-client relationship. In order to establish an attorney-client relationship, we must have a fully signed written Attorney-Client Agreement and the retainer must be paid.